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If you have any questions of a medical matter, please consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.


Please note that Helen Garbett Hypnotherapy does not guarantee success in any individual case.


Your full commitment to the therapy process is crucial to create positive lasting change.


You may be asked to listen to an audio recording, which will be provided for you, or to complete other tasks between sessions. These are designed to help you gain the most benefit and not doing these is likely to reduce the effectiveness of the process. Do not listen or play the audio recording whilst driving or operating machinery.


During online sessions (via platforms such as Zoom) Helen Garbett Hypnotherapy will operate within a private area where we will not be overheard by others. The WiFi used is password protected and I have virus protection on my computer. For Zoom's Privacy Policy please visit Please make sure that you are also in a quiet, safe space free from distractions.


If I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, I understand that I may be charged if I fail to give 48 hours’ notice. A polite reminder to switch mobiles off in the therapy room. If using an online platform such as Zoom, then Helen Garbett Hypnotherapy and you the client may leave mobiles on in order to facilitate contact should the session end unexpectedly.


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