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Shamanic Hypnotherapy is a gentle and extremely safe experience, with many people reporting it as a pleasant experience, leaving them deeply relaxed, and there are very few contradictions.

It is all about allowing your imagination and mind to conceive solutions and possibilities.Your job is to start believing it and that's when we can achieve so much.

It can have a transformative effect on your mind, body and life.

Anxiety & Stress

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Weight Management

Plus Size Model

Sports Performance

Riding Lessons


Fear or Phobia's

Image by Alexandra Gorn

Past Life Regression

Image by Denys Nevozhai



The first session is roughly 60-75 minutes. Following sessions are generally much quicker (60min). Some clients have benefitted from one session and haven’t needed a 2nd session.

Others have wanted/needed 2-4 sessions. You are totally in control of that.


I do hypnotherapy in person or online via Zoom.


First session is £111 (approx 60-75 mins). Subsequent sessions if you feel that you need them are £88 per session. Only you will know if you need a few sessions to cement the feelings.

Group programs - £222 (4 sessions)

 1:1 programs - £333 (4 sessions)

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