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horse rider confidence

Hypnosis can help horse riders to…

  • get back in the saddle with confidence after a bad fall or accident

  • resolve fears of riding on roads (hacking)

  • Eliminate performance nerves

  • Improve focus at competitions and performance 

  • deal with bereavement after losing your horse

  • stop suffering with low confidence or panic attacks

Your logical mind can be telling you that you have nothing to fear about riding because you have the skills and the right horse.

You know that 99% of the time, you have ridden without anything serious going wrong.

But somewhere along the line, something happened that scared you and your unconscious/emotional mind is sending you all the reasons for not doing something you used to feel confident and joyful doing. 

Help is available! Hypnosis can help you to overcome trauma, fears and phobias and rebuild your riding confidence to even greater levels than before. In just a handful of sessions you can be ‘back in the saddle’ and enjoying every ride. 

Image by Filip Eliasson
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