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Chakra/ Crystal/ Oils 
& Meditation

7 week course 

Curious about the chakra system? this is for you. Did you know these energy vortexes can effect your physical health, moods, thoughts and energetic body(aura). Are yours in alignment or out of balance? could they be holding you back or propelling you forwards. Are you doing the best for them including eating the right foods?

Do you want to learn which crystals have healing properties for balancing your chakras? In grounding, confidence, relationships, will power, love, psychic ability, attuning to guides and more.
Which essential oils are associated with chakras, that will ground, soothe and uplift for healing mind and body. 

SEVEN WEEKS Zoom online every Thursday we will dive deep into the 7 Chakras covering all the above topics and much more, including a weekly Powerful Chakra Meditation.

Embrace new chakra energy on your spiritual path.
For further info call/text 07624 481365 /

Your investment £66

Date: TBC


Step into the Calm
and out of the Chaos

6 week course 


Do you want to calm the mind, relax the body and have some time for you?

Do you feel like you need to do something about your anxiety and stress levels?

Want to learn something new or meet like minded people?

SIX WEEKS Zoom online every Wednesday we will dive deep into relaxation techniques, breathwork, essential oils including a weekly Powerful Hypnotherapy session.

It's time to relax....
For further info call/text 07624 481365 /

Your investment £66

Date: TBC


Weight release

4 week online group program

This Weight Release Program is designed to help you release your physical, emotional and energetic weight in a safe, natural, and lasting way. It addresses many other issues connected with your weight and over eating, which include, Confidence, Self Esteem, Anxiety, Stress and Motivation, helping you to: Become the person you really want to be.

​This is not a diet; it is a whole new way of thinking about food and about yourself, a lifelong lifestyle change.

The program is designed to bring about real change and includes:

  • Four x 60min hypnotherapy sessions

  • A daily MP3 recording to keep you on track

  • Full support throughout Messenger/WhatsApp during business hours for the entire program (a huge saving, you have a therapist/coach in your back pocket)

  • Meditation MP3 to alleviate stress and anxiety

  • Recipe ideas to inspire healthy eating

For further info call/text 07624 481365 / message below 

Your investment £188 (usually £222)


Tuesday 11 June @ 7.30pm

Tuesday 18 June @ 7.30pm

Tuesday 25 June @ 7.30pm

Tuesday 2 July @ 7.30pm



Meet your
Spirit Guide

Meet your spirit guide (s), discover who they are & how they communicate with you.

This online workshop will take you on a  journey to connect and meet your spirit guide(s).

Through a series of guided meditations and journeys this workshop will help you discover who your main guide is, what they look like, their personality, their name and why they’re working with you this lifetime.

If you already know who your guide is, this workshop will give you greater clarity and understanding of who they are and develop your relationship with them.

If you’re ready to meet your guide this workshop is for you!

Workshop includes:

Guided meditations/journeys
Video guidance from Helen herself
Meet Your Spirit Guide Worksheet
Opening Grounding Guided Meditation
Meet Your Spirit Guide- Connection A guided journey

All Sales Final (£44)


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